About Serve

Serve’s experiential education programs help diverse youth with barriers from the inner city connect with the community. Aged 6 – 24, they often face personal, economic, and social obstacles that have made achieving success difficult. Our programs are designed to help them overcome those obstacles and transform their lives by developing leadership and teamwork skills. And our volunteering initiatives make them active community members.


Our Unique Approach

  • Customized personal development strategies
  • Team work initiatives
  • Community service opportunities
  • Financial assistance for older youth

Youth spend 50% of their time assisting at seniors’ residences, day camps, food banks, and more. Not only does this build confidence and tangible experience, it creates relationships and understanding.

Our Approach is Award-winning and Effective

  • 100% of Serve youth increase their jobs skills
  • 95% report having positive future goals
  • 85% return to school or land a job

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